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Connecting to an Access database

Learn to connect an MS Access database to you ASP pages..

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A Classic ASP Page Caching Object

A common scenario in ASP development is to dynamically create Web page content by pulling data from a database. This..

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Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls -- Part

Solomon Shaffer explores the creation of ASP.NET user controls and custom server controls. In part 1 of this series, he..

Views: 1,725

Date/Time Variables Dissected

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, a date/time variable is stored in VBScript? In Access? This FAQ, by Bill Wilkinson,..

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A quick guide to the mysterious file called Global.asa..

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TripleASP.Net Table Editor

This is the first beta version of the TripleASP.Net Table Editor. It allows you to edit, add, and remove records..

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Efficiently Iterating Through Results from a Database Query

With the advent of .NET, Microsoft has added a slew of new technologies, in addition to ASP.NET. One such technology..

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DSN-less MS Access connection

Learn to connect to an MS Access database with a DSN-less connection..

Views: 1,407

A Best Practice for Using ADO Objects

A few members of the 15 Seconds discussion list talk about the proper way to use methods in order to..

Views: 1,379

An Extensive Examination of the DataGrid Web Control:

One of the most useful Web controls available in ASP.NET is the DataGrid Web control, which renders collections of data..

Views: 1,403