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DTS and C#

Data Transformation Services INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (DTS) is a built-in component of SQL Server that provides programmers and database..

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OpenGL using CsGL and C# - Introduction

Im glad to be the first one writing about OpenGL at this site. What I want to show you in..

Views: 2,298

Objects & Classes in C#

In this article we will understand some of the concepts of object-oriented programming in C# like objects and classes. To..

Views: 1,336

Getting Graphics to stay on a Form INSERT

If you draw graphics onto a form, they may be lost when the form or sections of the form..

Views: 1,480

Platform Neutral and Transparent Encryption of Sensitive Customer

To minimize damages from a security breach, online businesses should encrypt sensitive customer information INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES..

Views: 1,337

Events and Delegates - Introduction

An introduction to event driven programming in C#, through the use of Events and Delegates..

Views: 1,294

Performance Implications of Managed Data

When using Managed C++, be aware that boxing and unboxing values so that you can use the Base Class Libraries..

Views: 1,300

.NET Event Handling using the Template Method Design

Microsoft .NET event handling, in common with typical object-oriented frameworks, is implemented using the well-known Observer design pattern..

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All About: File I/O in C++

This tutorial will start with the very basis of File I/O INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (Input/Output) in C++. After that,..

Views: 1,200

Simple Binary Tree Class

Binary Search Trees are useful for finding items in a list that changes infrequently. Add and Remove operations are typically..

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