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Flicker Free Drawing In C#

Methods for removing flickering when drawing graphics using C#.

Views: 780

Obtain all IP addresses of local machine

The C# code required to simply start up winsock in a Windows environment, and enumerate all the IP addresses on..

Views: 750

Low Cost Verifying Of Credit Card Numbers in

The last digit of a credit card is a check digit that is used to detect keystroke errors when a..

Views: 673

Retrieving Conversation text from Instant Messengers - Part

In in this first part., learn to retrieve conversation text from MSN Instant Messanger..

Views: 698

Dynamically Switchable Control Type

This article shows how a control can be switched at run-time between a number of controls including edit, combobox, static,..

Views: 671

Professional C# Web Services: Remote Objects

We continue our look at the .NET Remoting architecture with an examination of Remote Objects. Find out which objects are..

Views: 1,015

How to Retain the Aspect Ratio of

I needed a way to display images full screen but I did not want the image to change its aspect..

Views: 788

Getting HTML Sources From Any Running Internet Explorer

Some time ago I was confronted with a problem: how to get HTML source code from a WebBrowser control used..

Views: 724

Debugging Techniques in C#

A method for displaying debug statements during runtime..

Views: 681

Programming with C# - - 101

Take a first look at programming with C#. This article shows you the process and steps to program your first..

Views: 653