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A Java Card Primer, Part 2

We wrap up our tutorial on working with Java Card technology to program smart cards by taking you step by..

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Access COM Via Java -- A Tutorial

The author builds an application that can access a COM object and then call this COM-server object via a pure..

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Class of the Month: JDK 1.4 Supports Regular

Regular expressions are a useful programming tool. The fact that Java now natively supports them simplifies many programming tasks that..

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Data Structures in Java: Part 5, The Core

The Java Collections Framework defines six core interfaces, in two distinct trees. Learn the inheritance structure and the purpose of..

Views: 1,412

Data Structures in Java: Part 6, Duplicate Elements,

A Set object cannot contain duplicate elements, but a List object can contain duplicate elements. Ordered collections are not the..

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Data Structures in Java: Part 7, The Comparable

Baldwin explains the INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES(lack of) interaction between the Comparable interface and the Java Collections Framework with respect..

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Data Structures in Java: Part 8, The Comparable

Baldwin shows you why the elements stored in a TreeSet collection need to be references to objects instantiated from a..

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Easier ways to handle arrays -- plus a

Find the middle ground between primitive arrays and Vectors, and string manipulation methods that help suppress homesickness for Perl..

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Fun with Java: Frame Animation

Baldwin shows you how to achieve frame animation in Java. He accomplishes this by showing you how to upgrade the..

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Fun with Java: Frame Animation

Baldwin teaches you how to do frame animation. Equally important, he also teaches you about event-driven programming, multi-threaded programming,..

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