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Some Insight Into Inner Classes in Java, Part

Inner classes can simplify some design by enriching the classes in which they are defined. They might add a "facet"..

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Switching to the Mac for the Java Developer,

Benoît Marchal continues his discussion on Mac development for the Java programmer..

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The Essence of OOP using Java, Classes

In this lesson, Baldwin concentrates on a discussion of the Java class. He shows you how to write a very..

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The Essence of OOP Using Java, Objects, and

Baldwin kicks off a new miniseries covering the necessary and most significant aspects of OOP using Java. He begins with..

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The Essence of OOP Using Java, Polymorphism Based

Baldwin explains the use of overloaded methods for the purpose of achieving compile-time polymorphism..

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The Essence of OOP using Java, Polymorphism, Type

Baldwin teaches you about assignment compatibility, type conversion, and casting for both primitive and reference types. He also teaches you..

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User Code: A TableModel that Allows Column Sorting

This user has written a TableModel class, following the Swing example, that sorts columns up and down using Comparator. Try..

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Using Layout Managers

In Java, the java.awt.Container class and its subclasses can be used to display groups of components. For example, you might..

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What Is a Collection?

A collection INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES(sometimes called a container) is simply an object that groups multiple elements into a single..

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Working with files and directories in Java

Java contains a lot of useful utility packages. One is java.util with its lists, maps, and calendar stuff--a lot to..

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