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Web Services, Part VIII: Reading DTDs with JavaScript

In addition to formally declaring the structure of XML data, DTDs can also be used to define replacement values for..

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Double-enter form field script

Make sure an important field within your form is filled out correctly, by requiring that the user fill it out..

Views: 763

JavaScripts: Prevent a User from Entering Non-numeric Characters

This Javascript function prevents a user from being able to enter non-numeric data into a text field in an HTML..

Views: 646

Update: JavaScript Browser Sniffer

Updated for the latest browsers this JavaScript-powered tool sniffs out browser capabilities for care-free cross-browser JavaScripting..

Views: 716

Enforce max # of characters in form element

Looking for an iron-clad way of restricting the amount of input in certain form elements of your page INSERT INTO..

Views: 944

Use a Friendly Popup to Boost eZine Subscriptions

EZines are a valuable marketing tool. Learn how to build a cookie-based popup to boost your ezine subscriptions..

Views: 709

XML Loading and Parsing

The DOMDocument object allows for the loading, parsing, and manipulation of XML data from within JavaScript. We continue our JavaScript..

Views: 1,088

2-level combo box

Multi-leveled menus are all the craze these days. Well, we decided to get a little crazy with the standard combo..

Views: 779

Mouseover Images

Mouseovers are one of the most popular graphic techniques on the Web today. Kev shows us how to create simple..

Views: 693

Menu Tab Set

This script renders a menu tab set, allowing you to intuitively switch between various pieces of content to view. Works..

Views: 753