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Tackling JavaScript strict warnings

Netscape 6 and the Mozilla browsers introduce a new feature for debugging efforts- strict warnings. Learn what it is and..

Views: 780

Book Excerpt: Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition

WebRef offers you sample chapters from the book Designing with JavaScript, 2nd Edition. Before you learn how JavaScript differentiates between..

Views: 801

Detect plugin INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (Flash, Java,

Use this versatile script to detect any of the major plugins of a browser, such as Java, Flash, Shockwave, and..

Views: 770

Popup date picker

Make it easy for your visitors to fill out the date/time fieldINSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (s) of your form, by..

Views: 809

Dynamic Combo Box

This robust combo INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (drop down menu) can handle the workload of many! It allows you to..

Views: 759

Check all check/radio buttons

A good addition to your forms if they contain a multitude of check/radio buttons is a "check/uncheck all" feature. This..

Views: 748

Multi image slideshow

Think of it as multiple slideshows all jammed packed into one! The following script can handle more than one set..

Views: 792

MPS to MPH converter

This script makes it easy to calculate how fast something goes "miles per hour", by allowing you to enter its..

Views: 689

Web Services, Part I: Introduction

Today our own Doc JavaScript begins a new series of columns focused on the use of Web services in JavaScript...

Views: 1,017

Print Templates, Part V: Re-pagination

Learn about Re-pagination in print templates INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (Internet Explorer 5.5 and up). Study how to zoom in..

Views: 1,028