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Automating Image Manipulation with GD

Put Perl to work; explore the concepts and techniques that can automate many image manipulation tasks..

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Automating Image Manipulation with GD - Part 2

Last month Jonathan Eisenzopf showed us how to use the the GD library to draw borders, add text, and create..

Views: 840

Browser Redirection with Perl

If there is one major problem with the Web today, it is the fact that those who develop for it..

Views: 763

Building a Vector Space Search Engine in Perl

Have you ever wondered how search engines work, or how to add one to your program? Maciej Ceglowski walks you..

Views: 835

Creating Custom Widgets

Steve Lidie, coauthor of Mastering Perl/Tk, brings us more wisdom from his Tk experience--this time, explaining how to create your..

Views: 813

Improving Performance with mod_perl: Part 1

We look up the recipe for session-only cookies, and how they can help your scripts retain information even after the..

Views: 759

Installing mod_perl without superuser privileges

As you have seen from my previous articles, mod_perl enabled Apache consists of two main components: Perl modules and Apache..

Views: 838

Introduction to Input Validation with Perl

How can we make software that withstands malicious input attacks? We can start by minimizing the set of entities our..

Views: 651

Mod_perl in 30 minutes

This week, Stas Bekman shows us how to install and configure mod_perl, and how to start accelerating CGI scripts with..

Views: 832

Perl Design Patterns, Part 3

Phil Crow concludes his series on patterns in Perl, with a discussion of patterns and objects..

Views: 777