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The basic datatypes, three

Perl has three basic datatypes: scalars, arrays, and hashes.

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The Perl You Need to Know:Part 3 "Maintaining

Despite the jargony jingle, maintaining state is a process in which we engage daily in our own lives, from building..

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Two Ways to Implement Session Tracking

Writing stateful applications in a stateless environment can be a challenge; but as guest author Kiran Pai explains, basic session..

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Uploading Files Using CGI and Perl

Create a file upload facility on your Website, and enable your users to upload content to your Web server..

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URL Redirects with

Links are cool. Links allow users to browse through information easily. Links make the Web work...

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Visual Perl for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

What does Perl hacker Jonathan Eisenzopf think of add-ons to other products? What does he think of Visual Perl, in..

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Weaving Magic With Regular Expressions: Creating An Index

Jonathan Eisenzopf explains how to use the GD library to create an index image that contains thumbnails of images in..

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Getting Started With Perl

This section is an ever-growing online textbook, from which you can learn the basics of Perl, or some nifty stuff..

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