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2 Quick PHP Tips

Are you a sloppy coder? Do you unwittingly reduce the performance of your own code? Clean up your act with..

Views: 1,536

A Detailed Look at PEAR

Joao Prado Maia sheds some light on some advanced coding techniques in PEAR, and teaches you how to read the..

Views: 1,571

Adding PHP to Apache on Linux

In the last year, the PHP scripting language has become one of the most essential tools for building content-rich Web..

Views: 1,590

Alternating row colors tutorial

Sometimes, when we work with tables, we probably want to change the color for every row INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES..

Views: 1,509

An Introduction to Functions

Functions allow you to re-use code to repeatedly perform a procedure. John Coggeshall introduces PHP functions..

Views: 1,546

Arrays in PHP

Arrays are important to program development. Explore how to work with them in PHP..

Views: 1,424

Arrays in PHP: Part 1

John Coggeshall introduces the array, a PHP variable type that allows you to organize data more efficiently. He explains how..

Views: 1,461

Build Cross-Platform Windowed Apps with PHP

Impossible? Not with PHP-GTK, a PHP extension that will have you writing cross-platform GUI-based applications in no time! Mitchell shows..

Views: 1,276

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP

Together, PHP & MySQL form the most widely used open source database and scripting technologies on the Web today. As..

Views: 1,365

Building A Dynamic MySQL Paging Class With PHP

As PHP developers, we can develop pretty much anything that we can think of: database driven sites, complete GUI applications..

Views: 1,327