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PHP Constant Tutorial

It is possible to get the value of a PHP constant dynamically using the constant() function. It takes a string..

Views: 658

Sending SMS with PHP

SMS stands for "Short Message Service" and uses mobile phones to transmit (surprise, surprise) short messages to and from mobile..

Views: 767

Random Password Generation

A common feature found on many websites upon user registration are random passwords. This tutorial will walk you through a..

Views: 624

PHP While Loops

The idea of a loop is to do something over and over again until the task has been completed...

Views: 457

Bookmarking App Tutorial

In this week's tutorial, we are making a simple link sharing app. This app will give you the ability to..

Views: 749

Human Readable Random String

This code will create a human readable string that will look more close to dictionary words, useful for captchas...

Views: 447

MySQL Delete

From time to time, you may even need to delete items from your database. The DELETE query is very similar..

Views: 441

Code line number display

This snippet displays code line numbers and alternating line colours...

Views: 416

Distance Conversion

The following PHP code snippet will convert between inches, feet and miles...

Views: 447

PHP Ajax Shoutbox Tutorial

In this tutorial we will create a simple PHP shoutbox with Ajax based messaging. It will ask the user to..

Views: 522