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Check your server load before you process

Most of us just write applications to be deployed on a webserver without thinking about what to do when the..

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Alternating Table Row Colors

Make a very simple alternating table row colors in short codings. This tutorial require 1 PHP file and 1 table..

Views: 446

Create Drop Down List from Array

This snippet will create a drop down menu from an array list in PHP...

Views: 421

9 Useful PHP Functions and Features You Need

Even after using PHP for years, we stumble upon functions and features that we did not know about. Some of..

Views: 535

Update Mutiple Records in 1 Form

Update your multiple data records in 1 submit form. When you have a list and need to update them in..

Views: 487

Basic PHP Syntax

PHP code is executed on the server, and the plain HTML result is sent to the browser. A PHP scripting..

Views: 443

Send Email to Multiple Persons

You can send email to mutiple persons in one time. This tutorial shows you in 1 file with a normal..

Views: 452

Web Database Access from Desktop Applications

There may be growing interest in moving computer applications from the desktop to the Web. But desktop applications are still..

Views: 487

AJAX Quickie

This code shows you a very basic AJAX demo implemented with PHP and JavaScript...

Views: 428

Password Protection with PHP, MySQL, and Session Variables

One of the great promises that actually came true when our Internet-enabled world reached the twenty-first century is efficient customer-to-business..

Views: 961