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Dynamic Dropdown Menu

Put records from your database in a drop down menu/list box. You can apply it as a navigator list box...

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Building a 5 Star Rating System with jQuery,

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to build a rating system with AJAX, PHP, and jQuery. Votes will be recorded..

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While Loop

He function of the while loop is to do a task over and over as long as the specified conditional..

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Autofilled PHP Forms

I hate typing, but I like writing code. A while ago I started to dread all the rote typing required..

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Mean, Median, Mode, Range Of An Array

The function mmmr (Mean, Median, Mode, Range) will calculate the Mean, Median, Mode, or Range of an array. The function..

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Handling file uploads in PHP

If you are just starting out with PHP and want to know how to handle forms, read the Handling forms..

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Submitting forms using PHP cURL

In the previous article, we covered the PHP cURL basics. Specifically, we learned how to connect to a remote URL..

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Zend Framework Tutorial

I find myself constantly bombared with questions from students and co-workers I've introduced to the Zend Framework regarding how the..

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SimpleTest: Unit Testing for PHP

We recently looked at front-end testing of web applications with Selenium. Today, we'll take another approach to testing your PHP..

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Phing: A build system for PHP

As PHP applications grow in size and complexity of structure, developers often find themselves putting together a "deployment plan" -..

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