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Handling forms in PHP

A simple tutorial on handling forms in PHP. More often than not, this the first stumbling block for most PHP..

Views: 584

PHP cURL functions tutorial

CURL is a library which allows you to connect and communicate to many different types of servers with many different..

Views: 700

Prevent Duplicate Form Submission

Learn how to use PHP sessions to prevent duplicate form submission or re-submission...

Views: 581

PHP Encryption Class

Simple PHP encryption class to encrypt/decrypt data. Easy to implement and understand...

Views: 589

Getting started with PHP sessions

HTTP is a stateless protocol. That is, a HTTP request to a website has no information or record of the..

Views: 1,028

PHP FTP functions tutorial

Learn to use PHP's FTP functions to create directories and files and change file mode. Also learn how to write..

Views: 1,132

PHP MySQL Basics Tutorial

PHP and MySql are the most common and popular combination you would come across on the Internet. Affordable Linux hosting,..

Views: 1,081

Truncate long string along word boundaries

Use this simple PHP code snippet to truncate a long text string along word boundaries. Very useful for displaying a..

Views: 1,065