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Caching PHP Programs with PEAR

PHP scripts are compiled and HTML is generated each time a web page is requested. Sebastian Bergmann uses PEAR caching..

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Chapter 7. Variables

Variables in PHP are represented by a dollar sign followed by the name of the variable. The variable name is..

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Configuring PHP with ORACLE 8i Support

In this article, I will briefly describe how to compile PHP with ORACLE 8i support. When I tried to compile..

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Control Structures Revisited

A look at two new variations of the ifINSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (); whileINSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (); and forINSERT..

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Converting XML into a PHP data structure

In the last few years, XML has received great media attention, and most languages support the parsing and extraction of..

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Create an LDAP Address Book

This article will attempt to demonstrate how to connect to an LDAP server using PHP. Specifically, the example given will..

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Creating a Credit Card Validation Class With PHP

Online fraud is rife and charge backs are costly... why not validate customer credit card details before you send them..

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Dynamic Graphs with PHP, MySQL and GD

Ok. Your site has recorded the data you want, now you want to display it in an easy to read..

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Dynamic Image Generation with PHP

Want to spice up your web site with dynamic charts, make your life easier with script-generated navigation buttons, or enhance..

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Email Forms in PHP

Itching to get started with PHP? Recent convert Dan Ball shows you the basics of PHP scripting by way of..

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