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Functions in PHP

Copying the same code you need to every location you need it in is neither practical nor efficient. In the..

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Generating pronounceable passwords

Just today someone asked in the PHPBuilder discussion boards if there was a way to generate random but pronounceable passwords...

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Getting Flashy With PHP

Looking to add animation to your website? W. J. Gilmore shows you how to add dynamic Flash animations to your..

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Getting started with php and InterBase

In this article, I will talk a little about installing and using InterBase with php4. It includes: some words about..

Views: 749

How do I make a PHP page?

Making a PHP enabled web page is as easy as opening a new file in your favorite HTML or text..

Views: 783

How to store binary files in a MySQL

This article is aimed at answering one of the most asked questions on the PHP mailing list and discussion forums..

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Implementing a Template Based Web Site With PHP

A common requirement when designing a site is the ability to update the layout and HTML of the site without..

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Implementing Ad Support Into Your Site With PHPAdsNew

One of the great things about open source repositories such as SourceForge is the huge amount of quality software that..

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Installing PHP on a Windows System

Darrell Brogdon explains the steps required to install PHP on a Windows system..

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Installing PHP under BadBlue Web Server

Your production machine might have PHP installed on an Apache server in a Linux environment, but most of the people..

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