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Pear::DB Primer

Pear::DB provides a database abstraction layer for PHP allowing it to use most major databases, including MySQL, PostGreSQL, and MS..

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Peeking at Pear

Take a quick peek at Pear and learn what it does for PHP programmers..

Views: 717

PHP and Regular Expressions 101

Regular expressions are one of those quirky features that popup in a variety of programming languages, but because they seem..

Views: 665

PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0

XML is springing up all over the Internet. In this article, Kev shows you how to use PHP to read..

Views: 731

PHP Browser Detection and Appropriate CSS Generation

In this article, Tim explains his browser detection utility and how you can use it to generate the right CSS..

Views: 741

PHP Interface for HierMenus 4

Among its other features, you can use PHP to retrieve, format, and pass dynamic data to Web pages as JavaScript..

Views: 837

PHP Iterator

What we will try to accomplish here is to create unique interface for traversing arrays and to add a little..

Views: 792

PHP Shell

PHP Shell is a shell executed within a webpage - almost. There are certain limits, but you get at close..

Views: 688

PHP--HTML Templates: A New Working Relationship

In order to place the data into the nicely-designed HTML pages, we either get the designers to embed our PHP..

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Professional PHP4 Programming

Professional PHP4 will show you exactly how to create state of the art web applications that scale well, utilize databases..

Views: 708