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Simple linear regression with PHP: Part 1

A missing, but powerful, tool in the PHP arena is a language-based math library. In this two-part series, Paul Meagher..

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Structures in PHP

After a question on the PHP Developers Network forum about creating structures, I ended up in a bit of a..

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User Authentication from a MySQL database

PHP by itself is powerful, but add databases into the mix, and things get a whole lot better. Not only..

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Using PHP and IIS to Create a Discussion

Learn how to use PHP on windows and IIS to create a basic discussion forum that makes use of a..

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Using PHP and MySQL with Flash

This article helps explain how to use Macromedia Flash 5 in conjunction with PHP and a MySQL database. This demonstration..

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Using PHP for RTF

Recently, I had a brief stint with RTF INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (Rich Text Format) files. I had to write..

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Using Strings

A large portion of Web programming requires strings to be handled and generated, so knowing how to use and handle..

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Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL

A fundamental characteristic of the Web is the stateless interaction between browsers and web servers. As discussed in Chapter 1,..

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Write Secure Scripts with PHP 4.2!

Find out why tossing one of the major selling points of PHP out the window will help to make your..

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Creating your first PHP JPGraph application in under

This tutorial shows you how to setup and display a simple JPGraph line graph in under 5 minutes...

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