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E-mail form using HTML and PHP

The first thing to do is create the form using html. We'll call it feedback.html. The form will have an..

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Jquery Fade In.Fade Out

Your probably thinking oh no not another coding language ive got to learn. Dont worry its real simple to use..

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Form Handling

We are going to be working with the $_Post or $_Get arrays. They basically tell the form if i needs..

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Creating a Website / Server Monitoring Script

I have created a script which allows users to check to see if their server is online. Obviously running this..

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Time and Date using PHP

In this tutorial we will learn how to display the day and/or time by using php. It's a very easy..

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PHP Functions

So you've heard about functions, and what they can do.. and how leet they are. Now its your turn to..

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Make a Number Format

In this tutorial we'll make number format like 0001, 0002, 0003 in stead of 1, 2 ,3. It's very easy..

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Form Email

This is a very simple tutorial, yet work like a charm and does all the things it needs to do...

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Random Images

Ever wanted to make links, or banners appear on your site in a random order? Well here's a simple script..

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Form Validation using PHP

Today I'll take it up a level and re-write that script using the if, else conditional and empty() function to..

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