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All About Passwords

Neil Boyle explains the mechanisms SQL Server uses to secure itself from unauthorized access, and discusses best practice for selecting..

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An Introduction to Triggers -- Part I

A trigger is a database object that is attached to a table. In many aspects it is similar to a..

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An Introduction to Triggers -- Part II

A few months ago I wrote an article for SQLTeam called An Introduction to Triggers -- Part I. The article..

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Beware of Mixing Collation with SQL Server 2000

Gregory A Larsen explains a few things that need to be understood about mixing collations, now that it is possible..

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Building a Mail Queue System

This article demonstrates an email queue system using SQL Server and VB Script. This overcomes the limitations of the Sending..

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Compare SQL Server Databases with sp_CompareDB

I bet almost every DBA has at times desperately wanted to be able to compare data and structure between database..

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Data Page Structures in SQL Server 6.5

In this article, I want to tell you about data page structure in MS SQL Server 6.5, which are substantially..

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This article comes from Jeff Smith. Jeff writes "It can be difficult in a set-based language such as SQL to..

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Getting Something Back from Your SQL Server Stored

You give so much to your database . . . sometimes you just want something back. What do you give..

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How does the Identity property work?

*Site Registration RequiredIf you are like most DBAs, you have probably implemented some type of hash function for some of..

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