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How to Delete SQL Server Database Duplicate Rows

As much as we try and prevent it, duplicate data still finds its way into corporate data systems, but the..

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How to Install SQL Server 2000 Clustering

SQL Server 2000 clustering can add much needed reliability and fault-tolerance to a production SQL Server 2000 system. But as..

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How to NOT trap errors in a stored

I was trying to track down an error in one of our internal OLAP collection processes, when I noticed something..

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How to Script User and Role Object Permissions

Use these scripts to help you move object permissions from one database to another..

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How to Troubleshoot SQL Server 7.0 Installation Issues

Find out how to troubleshoot failed SQL Server 7.0 installations..

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Integrated Security Mode

Learn how to connect to SQL Server through Integrated Security or Windows Authentication Mode..

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Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Custom

Author Bill Pearson returns in the second half of his Custom Cubes: Financial Reporting article. This lesson presents hands-on practice..

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Introduction to MSSQL Server 2000 Analysis Services: Drilling

Explore the drillthrough capabilities that debut in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Join Author Bill Pearson in a hands-on..

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L Server 2000 SP3 and xp_cmdshell Woes

The problems caused by the SQL Sapphire Worm, also know as the SQL Slammer, have caused many sites to do..

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Performing a Cascade Delete in SQL Server 7

This article comes to us from Tim Young. Tim writes "One of the INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES(few) very handy things..

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