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Replicating SQL Server 2000 across Heterogeneous Databases

Replication enables data and database objects to be copied and modified from one database to another across different networks and..

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Scalability and high availability of Microsoft SQL Server

Marcin Policht presents a number of solutions that provide high availability and load balancing of Microsoft SQL Server 2000, focusing..

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Scalability and High Availability of Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server 2000 is tightly integrated with the clustering software. For example, SQL Server service can be stopped from SQL..

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Scalability and High Availability of Microsoft SQL Server

Marcin Policht takes a look creating a scalable and highly available configuration by combining SQL Server 2000 clusters with Distributed..

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Secure SQL Server: Installing for security

Securing SQL Server is vital to the proper design of any database system. See how to install SQL securely, protect..

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Simulating Constants Using User Defined Functions

This article comes from Jeremy Kayne. He writes "the ability to globally store and access constant values in SQL Server..

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SQL Server 2000 Table Hints

Learn how to use table hints to boost the performance of SQL Server 2000..

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SQL Server Replication from 6.5 to 2000

These are the steps needed to successfully establish transactional replication from SQL Server 6.5 to 2000. They has been tested..

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SQL Server Security Part 1

*Site Registration Required In this series of articles, Chris Kempster will discuss some of the finer aspects of SQL Server..

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SQL Server System Databases

This article gives you an overview about role of the system databases in SQL Server..

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