Simple Tips to Get Repeat Web Traffic

Eight very simple but useful tips to generate website traffic.

1. Submit your website to search engines and web directories, gaining more back links will improve your rankings within search engines and will generate a lot more traffic.

2. Update your site content frequently, websites which do not update can lose rankings.

3. Find other websites which are in the same niche, by placing links to their sites and products is a great way to create new partners and get more visitors.

4. If your website sells products add a form where your visitors can signup to a newsletter to receive special offers and discount coupons. Remember to never Spam a visitor who has opted in for your newsletters, it's recommended that you only send one newsletter per week or even once a month.

5. You may like to add a bookmark button on your website; this is a good way to get your visitors to save your website into their favourites.

6. You can benefit by placing a recommend this page script on your website, giving your visitor the option to send the page via email to a friend is a good way to get repeat traffic.

7. Make sure each page on your site has appropriate titles and keywords so that your visitors can find their way back to your site.

8. Add a links page so you can exchange links with other websites which are within the same niche, exchanging links this way is good because you know the visitors will have some interest in your sites content.