Directory Submission is a Good Way to Build Links?

Automated directory submission is the rage nowadays. But don't be fooled into thinking that automatic directory submission software is all you're going to need to get your website on the web. If you don't do it right, you just might end up being banned from search engine sites. If you want to automate directory submission, you still must first do some work manually requesting reciprocal links from reputable websites. The reason for this is that search engines like Google and Yahoo look for "recommendations" from other sites. These recommendations come in the form of reciprocal links. Numerous reciprocal links don't count for much. The quality and reputation of the websites that you link with is more important than how many websites you are linked to. If your site comes with recommendations from high quality websites, your chances of being approved by the search engines increases.

However, not only the does the quality of your reciprocal link counts in or against your favor; the sites also have to be related or "in focus" with your site. A gardening site would be in focus with a site that sells gardening tools and "off focus" with a car racing site. Too many off focus reciprocal links could mean outright rejection from search engines so you should take the time to check out the website before asking for a reciprocal link.

Being bookmarked in other websites is another sure fire way to be accepted by SEO. If your site is bookmarked by browsers in forums and blogs, search engines count this in your favor because that means that browsers are interested in your site. With bookmarks, quantity is the key - the more bookmarks your site gets means that you have more fans.

So how do you find these websites? Simple - you get the search engine to tell you which sites are reputable. If you search through SEO, the first links are usually the most reputable sites. You can search for "add a site + your keyword" and the search engine will find you a reputable site that it thinks is in focus with your keyword. You can also try "add website", "add link", "submit site" and a whole lot more. Using the search engine to find you a site cannot fail. It will not give you a site that it rejected because rejected sites are not part of its database.

However you find your reciprocal links, remember that you need these before search engines will approve of your website for submission in its directories. Bombarding the search engine with too many links without having done any of it manually beforehand could raise flags and cause your efforts to work against you.