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Creating a Windows Service in VB.NET

Learn how to do the previously impossible - build a Windows Service with the help of Visual Basic.NET..

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CopyMemory and Arrays: Proper Use - Introduction

It is no secret VB is more often than not, a language that produces relatively slow machine code. This is..

Views: 1,434

POSTing Form Data to a Web Page

Demonstrates two techniques that can be used to post data to a web page from within Visual Basic...

Views: 1,483

The Book of Visual Studio .NET - OOP

Visual Basic did not meet the test as a true object-oriented language that implements true OOP as defined by abstraction,..

Views: 1,444

Creating a Custom Control and Custom UITypeEditor in

In this first of a two part article, learn how to marry the power of regular expressions to a Windows..

Views: 1,327

Interfacing Visual Basic And C++

In this article, Nicholas describes the methods by which a Visual Basic application can interface with a C++ DLL. Sample..

Views: 1,362

Visual Basic Business Objects - A Primer

When software visionaries promote the benefits of distributed architectures, the term "business object" is frequently used. Somewhere in their discourse..

Views: 1,389

Implementing Interfaces in VB .NET

In this new article, Paul quickly gets to the point of examining interfaces in Visual Basic .NET: how to define..

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Code Sample: Phone Number Dialer

Compile this VB class into a COM object and use it to dial any phone number..

Views: 1,375

Really Thin Client Programming in VB.NET

From his column Visual Basic Today on, Paul Kimmel explains the pros and cons as well as shows how..

Views: 1,248