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Listing Available DSN / Drivers Installed

This code shows how to list the available DSN and Drivers installed on the computer..

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Using the Implements Keyword

How to use the Implements keyword in Visual Basic. Create a new project and add two class modules to the..

Views: 722

Create Your Own Visual Basic Add-Ins

In this article, S.S. Ahmed shows you how to create VB add-ins. Programmers always feel that they are short of..

Views: 757

Building Property Pages

This article explains the basic steps to building property pages for a new ActiveX control..

Views: 758

Using the Winsock Control in Client/Server Applications

Internet Transfer Control INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (ITC) is a handy control for Internet programming, but there is another control..

Views: 854

Drawing Fast Polygons / Graphics with VB5/6

In this code sample, Jerry J Chen continues to show how his Dex3D 3D engine can be used to display..

Views: 710

Screen Resolution

This article discusses several different ways to handle screens with different resolutions...

Views: 782