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XSLT Recipes for Interacting with XML Data

Continuing his experiments in pure XML-backed web sites, Jon Udell investigates various ways in which XSLT can be used to..

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Web Services Security and More: The Global XML

Learn about Global XML Web Services Architecture INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (GXA); the architecture for the next generation of XML..

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Using XSLT and .NET to Manipulate XML Files

XML Stylesheet Transformations INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (XSLT) is defined as a language for transforming source XML documents into other..

Views: 1,595

Posting XML data with MSXML 4

A beginners guide to the different ways of sending and recieving post data using Microsofts XML parser..

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Client Side Validation using the XMLHTTPRequest Object

Jonathan Zufi shows how to use the XMLHTTP object within Javascript or VBScript to validate form-field information without having to..

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Advanced UI Design Using XML and XSL -

Joe Slovinski is back with part 7 of his always-popular advanced UI design article. This time Joe shows how to..

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Web Services at Work: Google Web APIs

A lot of hype is buzzing around Web Services these days. New acronyms are appearing every day and protocols and..

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XML Schema

We examine one of the least understood features of XML, schema, which provide a means for defining the structure, content,..

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Beyond W3C XML Schema: XPath and XSLT for

The XML developer who needs to validate documents as part of application flow may choose to begin by writing W3C..

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Generating Web Content with Cocoon

Cocoon provides for developers a way to generate content dynamically using XML data. XML expert Michael Classen takes a look..

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