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Inside Sablotron: Virtual XML Documents

Despite the growing popularity of streaming XML processing, many applications still need or prefer to store an entire XML tree..

Views: 850

Reading Multiple Input Documents

When you run an XSLT processor, you tell it where to find the source tree document -- probably in a..

Views: 940

Introducing XML::SAX::Machines, Part One

XML::SAX::Machines offers an elegant way of building and managing complex chains of SAX event handlers and generators. Kip Hampton introduces..

Views: 726

WebContent Validation with XML::Schematron

Kip Hampton explains how to use his XML::Schematron module to validate XML Web content with Perl..

Views: 815

Controlling Whitespace, Part Three

In the third part of his series on handling whitespace in XSLT, Bob DuCharme discusses outputting tab characters and automated..

Views: 812

Web Services, Part V: XML and XSLT Programming

One way to make XML data INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES (like SOAP messages) look pretty is to use XSL. The..

Views: 1,128

Advanced UI Design Using XML and XSL -

Joe Slovinski explains several uses of his Progress Indicator object. These include displaying the status of a data binding routine..

Views: 759

EbXML: Global Standard for Electronic Business?

After examining the basic blocks with Universal Business Language and XML Common Business Language, what else is missing for electronic..

Views: 886

Comparing XML Schema Languages

This article explains what an XML schema language is and which features the different schema languages possess. It also documents..

Views: 878

Advanced UI Design Using XML and XSL -

Joe Slovinski creates a Progress Indicator object that uses XML and XSLT. This object has several uses, including updating the..

Views: 760