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Controlling Whitespace, Part Two

Bob DuCharme continues his three-part series on controlling whitespace in XSLT using xsl:text and other techniques..

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Business Basics: A Common Business Language

Continuing our tour on XML for business, we examine the heritage of the newly to-be-developed Universal Business Language, the XML..

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Introduction to dbXML

Following on from his introduction to native XML databases, Kimbro Staken introduces the dbXML open source native XML database..

Views: 909

One Language to Bind Them All

They may or may not be Tolkien fans, but the creators of the Universal Business Language INSERT INTO `sites` VALUES..

Views: 808

Advanced UI Design Using XML and XSL -

Joe Slovinski creates a drag-and-drop object for folder trees. This control has the capability to drag and drop entities from..

Views: 732

Controlling Whitespace, Part 1

In the first of a multipart series, Bob DuCharme discusses stripping and preserving whitespace in XSLT transformations of XML documents..

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Transform Your PHP with XSLT

Is it time to give your CMS a breath of fresh air? In this follow-up to his popular introductory XSL..

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Professional XML Schemas: Why do we Need Schemas?

XML is intended to be a self-describing data format, allowing authors to define a set of element and attribute names..

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Transforming XML With SAX Filters

Kip Hampton concludes his series of advanced SAX topics by showing how to use SAX filters to transform XML..

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Inside XSLT: Accessing Node Values

The real key to effective XSLT transformations is the ability to access and manipulate the values within XML documents. Part..

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