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Starting with XML

XML continues the separation of data from presentation, to the point that one XML stylesheet contains all the common HTML..

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A Simple Way to Read an XML File

This is actually a piece of code used by me to access XML files through Java. I have added some..

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XML and Scripting Languages

In this first tutorial of his series on using scripting languages to manipulate and transform XML documents, Binary Evolution's Parand..

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Parsing XML using PHP5

This tutorial is a follow up to my earlier tutorial, Parsing XML using PHP4 and highlights the improvements in XML..

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Parsing Comma-Separated Values

Ask the expert: My assignment on an XML pilot project is a transformation from data formatted in comma-delimited files (CDF)..

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XML Security Suite: Increasing the Security of E-Business

As more and more companies use XML to transmit structured data across the Web, the security of documents becomes increasingly..

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Servlets and XML: Made for Each Other

Find out how Java servlets and XML work together to generate an XML document and DOM tree and interface with..

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Performing Client-Side XSL Transformations

It is a feature of my software that I produce HTML output from XML documents with server-side XSL transformations. This..

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